Tattoo removal, color correction, & medical tattooing

For clients who are seeking services other than permanent makeup I’m happy to provide and have years of experience to help people improve their self image and self esteem. These services can include correcting a color in the brows that has turned an undesirable hue over the years, or removal of a bad design, and range from beauty marks to scar camouflage, dermal remodeling, scalp shading, and areola regimentation for breast reconstructions. As an artist I have a keen sense of color and understand how the skin tones affect the healed results. These services are most often a multi-step processes.

Corrective work and removals require a $75.00 consultation to review a list of factors to consider such as.

  • How deep the pigment was placed.

  • How far outside the proper design area the pigment is.

  • What client expectations are for results.

  • What client's budget is.

  • Variables in healing time.

  • How much and what areas are to be removed.

  • Whether or not color corrective cover is an option.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

***Please note the difference between pigment and ink: Pigment is non-water soluble particulate organic and inorganic material implanted in between the dermal layers. This can turn very bright and undesirable colors if lasers are applied to the area. Ink is water soluble and is easier to implant in the skin due to the challenge skin has in expelling it during the healing process. It is also easier to remove with lasers and with saline/mineral compounds.

If you have pigment in your skin that you wish to remove because it is a place you don’t like it, then breaking the skin is the only way to remove it. The affected area may be surgically removed and stitched up, or a tattoo technician can use the same method as tattooing and introduce a saline, mineral compound which attaches to the pigment molecules and sloughs off during the healing process. This technique requires a minimum of four services and up to six or seven at two month intervals to adequately remove the appearance of pigment in the skin. This service will most likely cause post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, (PIH), which is temporary and will fade in time. It is also a service that if done improperly can result in permanent scarring to your skin, so please be sure that whoever you decide to work with has
experience in this area.


Whether you want to change a letter in a misspelled word or remove an entire tattoo, Ashley can get you back your original blank canvas. No more ‘cover ups’ for designs that didn’t age well. Even the smallest dot can be removed without damaging surrounding design and color elements.

Removals take between 3 and 6 services spaced out every two months and I offer discounts for multiples of 3.

The system for graphic tattoo removal uses non toxic products including negative molecular charged bentonite clay and charcoal to bind with negative charged ink and pigment which lifts the color up and out of the skin to be exfoliated in the healing process.

***All services with bellametrics support the UPLIFT PROGRAM which offers tattoo removal free of charge to survivors of human trafficking. You can help support this volunteer program I’ve launched to help raise awareness about the pandemic of this criminal trade. Every client contributes simply by choosing Bellemetrics for their PMU and paramedical services.***

Color Modifications or Corrections

In many cases, removal isn’t necessary. Colors can be modified and designs can be reshaped to dramatically improve the undesirable existing brow. If color correction as well as reshaping or adding dimension is desired, these are separate appointments. The color first needs to be modified and the skin needs to heal after this procedure before any detail work can be added. In these procedures a client will (most often but not always) be booking three appointments at least 1 month apart to complete the improvement modifications.

Scar Camouflage

Clients who would like to minimize the appearance of scars by smoothing the skin surface and skin tones experience a great deal of success with micro needling and micro-pigmentation, (tattooing). My preference is to achieve the best results with micro-needling. I prefer this method because the skin surface smooths out through a process called ‘dermal remodeling’ while simultaneously the uneven, hypo- pigmentation of scars is invested with melanocytes which populate the scars with melanin so the eventual result is the most natural when compared to tattooing skin color into the scar. The other way to minimize scars is to camouflage them with flesh colored pigments. If the scars are dark or have a purple color to them then lightening is more challenging and often cannot be achieved. If they are white or lack pigment, then hiding them is with a matching color is possible. Expect multiple services to achieve optimal results although many clients are very happy after one service.


Camouflaging vitiligo, (hypo-pigmentation of the skin), can be achieved much like scar camouflage in one of two ways. First and most naturally by harvesting melanocytes from the non-affected area through micro-needling, and implanting them into the affected area. This is done by working the borders of the vitiligo and over time reducing the affected area until it disappears entirely. The alternative method is far quicker and can have very good results. This requires a color match of pigment to skin color and tattooing the affected area with the selected combination of colors. As an artist I can match your skin tones, but healed results are the combination of skin undertones and pigment. Skin undertones can dramatically change the healed color of the tattoo so pigment selection is an educated guess and can requires minor
adjustments at the follow up sessions.

***Please note that tattooed skin loses it’s translucency and also does not darken or lighten depending on UV exposure as the surrounding skin does.

Scalp Shading

For men or women with thin patches in their hair, scalp shading is an excellent way to help reduce the noticeable balding scalp. I recommend ‘Toppik’ for reducing scalp shine after being tattooed. Toppik comes in many colors to match your hair, and once your scalp is tattooed it is much easier to complete the illusion with the additional product - just like eyebrow tattoos that are always refined to absolute perfection with the addition of just a little topical makeup.

Areola Complex Pigmentation

This is a service most often sought after by clients who have undergone a mastectomy followed by a breast reconstruction. In this case 3D nipple tattooing is the final step, the ‘cherry on top’ that completes the journey. As an artist, I would be happy to offer this service but will refer to those with more experience than I have. Until I earn a certificate in this specialized area of tattooing I will refer people to Penny Rudy at the Crysalis Clinic. I do have experience however, in reshaping and color matching for breast lifts that leave scarring around the existing areola.

Beauty Marks and Freckles

Yes. I do them, too….


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