Soft Powder Fill Brows


Enhance natural brow beauty by defining shape to frame your unique and individual face.


Powdery Finish Brows are designed to give an elegant shape and soft color to missing or sparse brows, or brows you might rather have a different shape, like a higher arch for example.

This service, like other brow services begins with designing a beautiful brow shape for your face, and only when you’re comfortable do we commence with tattooing. During the tattooing process, I use a higher dilution of pigment at the bulb to create an ombre effect that darkens with more saturation of pigment at the tail. I also outline the eyebrow tattoo design with this higher dilution to soften the edges and give a much more natural, soft appearance to the healed results.

For more information on the entire Brow Service, please refer to the Microblade Brow Gallery.


Before & After


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“Ashley was able to fix my orange eyebrows! Not only did she make them match my hair color, but she gave them a shape that I’m very happy with now. She’s professional, genuinely caring, and so easy to work with. I found her to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.
— Betts Lomonaco