At Bellametrics, you can evolve into a more complete and attractive you through image enhancements which bring out your own unique, natural beauty.

The concept of Bellametrics originates from two idea sources; one being that most of us take great measures to present ourselves beautifully, and the other that there are classic measurements to beauty.

Ashley Cohen

A measurable formula of beauty was first identified by the ancient Greeks as 1:1.61803398875 known as the ‘golden ratio’ which can be found throughout the architecture of our world. Also known as ‘Fibonacci scales’, examples of the golden ratio are found beautifully in the form of the nautilus shell, flowers, the spirals of galaxies, and even all throughout our bodies and faces. The perfect eye brow breaks at the arch, for example, at approximately 1:1.618. A perfect symbolic representation of the golden ratio with respect to cosmetics and beauty can be found in the ‘eye’ of a peacock feather. The peacock represents immortality and resurrection as the ancients believed that its flesh did not decay. Peacock motifs can therefore be found in association with Christian iconography as well as many other depictions of restored or extended life.

But although there are classic measurements to beauty, we as individuals express very diverse varieties of physical beauty. For example, the ‘perfect eyebrow’ may need to be tailored in order to accommodate a facial morphology. It takes an artistic eye and skill to apply those measurements respective of each person’s unique features in such a way to achieve balance and beauty. Please view the gallery to find examples of Ashley’s work and the variety of feature styles designed for a variety of individuals here.

I absolutely love the permanent makeup that Ashley Cohen has done for me. It’s not everybody that you can trust to work on your face! Ashley has given me permanent eyebrows. I no loner need to “draw” those on each day! I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to Wake Up wtih Makeup. I swear she even took 10 years off my age; she even reshaped them enhance my facial features.
— Evan Milton