Lip Color Enhancement Procedures with lip tattooing are assorted from Blended Lip Liner to Full Color Tint and include corrective cosmetic tattooing for clients with lost color in their vermillion, cleft palates, or asymmetric lips. As a cosmetic tattoo artist, I do not do lip liners because results are never optimal and I feel it’s unfair to the client who naturally would expect a good result from their procedure.

For the procedure, after your lips are adequately numb, I will draw the lip design with a red sharpie which is non-toxic. I will redraw the design until you are completely comfortable with the shape. Whether your desired outcome is subtle or impactful, keep in mind that lip procedures will result in a tint, and not the look of lipstick. However, after the initial procedure your lips will look dramatically more colorful than they will after the healed results and in approximately one in thirty cases, may become extremely swollen.

**Please note that naturally occurring dark pigment in the lips cannot be lightened with light pigments through the micro-pigmentation lip tattoo process.

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This gallery shows several types of lip tattooing procedures at different stages of the process.


Before & After


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