Eyeliner Tattoo Services are as varied as Eyebrow Tattoo Services and can be a great way to revive lost color and shape around the eyes as we age, enhance the impression of thick lashes by tattooing into the roots of existing lashes, or to add drama to the eyes to stop being a slave to the everyday drudgery of putting on eyeliner. I am happy to discuss your eyeliner desires with you before your service if what you want is something more than the thin to medium line factored into the price of the service.

A consultation for liner service is not required. I do look at your eyes and the shape of your face and features to determine what would be best for your personal application. The method I most typically use for eyeliner is SofTap which uses a hand tool and disposable needle tips for gently tapping the pigment into the skin. For the upper eyeliner tattooing I use a full potency pigment and for the lower I use a diluted pigment solution for a softer effect.

Anesthetics are used for this service but if you think you are someone who needs extra novocaine for dental procedures, please take extra strength Tylenol 20 minutes before your service. Do not take any blood thinning medications listed in the pre- procedure care instructions.

Please note: If you are interested in Cat Eyeliner, an extended tail, or extra thick eyeliner tattooing, I do these services and charge a fee for the additional time and expertise.

WARNINGS - LATISSE USERS AND CLIENTS WITH LASH EXTENSIONS MUST READ THIS: Latisse use cause the skin on the lids to become highly vascular and extremely thin.  The makers of Latisse recommend discontinuing use of this product for permanent eyeliner services at least 4 months prior to date of service.  If you have lash extensions please have them removed prior to your service.



This gallery includes various types of liner services from powdery edge to cat liner tattoos.

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