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Have you noticed that your brows have suffered from over plucking or have they lost their lofty placement associated with youth and beauty? Perhaps you would do anything not to have to be a slave to the daily practice of drawing on these features.

The importance of eyebrows cannot be overstated. They serve a practical function in keeping sweat and grime out of our eyes. But beyond that, why are they so important? Certainly the image of a drawn on eye brow cannot serve as any kind of protection to the eyes, so why are such pains taken to articulate these features with pencils and powders when they have begun to disappear? Admittedly, there is a mystique associated with brows. They are said to frame the face and their arches are compared by poets to the wings of birds. MIT psychologists have even determined that brows are fundamental to facial recognition over any other feature, however; does anyone really have this aspect in mind when they are perfecting their arches in the mirror? Hardly. When doing your eyebrows, you are most likely thinking about making yourself more attractive to others over helping them to recognize who it is they're looking at. So, what is so important to the design that commands such attention to their detail?

Bellametrics takes the position that eyebrows are an aesthetic feature that communicate vital messages to the observer on a deep subconscious level. In addition to communicating emotion, they demonstrate emotional range, capacity, and control. The other more subtle message of eyebrows is firtility levels. Abundant collagen and hormones lift and firm the flesh which gives the brow that appealingly high arch. Could people be unconsciously equating firtility with productive value? In today's highly competitive, multi-generational workplace it is a part of one's image that is wise to consider.

You should have confidence that your permanent makeup artist and technician has both of these aesthetic aspects in mind for the design creation of your brows. If your brows have drooped, your range of emotional expression should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of restoring that high arch.

Another aspect of brow beauty that frequently is overlooked is in the grain of hair on the individuals face.  This grain, or the directional growth of hair follicles, is relative to facial muscular structure.  If follicular grain is not taken into account, pigment application could lead to the diminishment of an individualís range of unique emotional expression.

Certainly the configuration, and strength or delicacy of facial features, as well as the shape of oneís face, all play an important role in dictating brow design.   Although there are general principles to offer guidance for where a brow should begin and end, how thick or thin they should be, what colors, and what design, there are no hard set rules.  Eyebrow measurement guidelines are meant to assist in optimizing an individualís brow design.  If you would like to take some time at home to experiment with brow shape, here are some basics:

The beginning of the brow should start above the inner corner of the eye.  Individual facial characteristics may pull this beginning point a little to one side or the other.  A person with close set eyes may wish to open up the top part of the face by setting the eyebrows at a slight distance.  These types of corrections should be handled with an aesthetic sensibility as fudging metrics can cause other characteristics to appear distorted.  A good example of this is in pulling the brows abnormally close together to slim the nose.  This approach can backfire by actually making the nose look more prominent and possibly giving an angry or cross appearance.

The arch of the brow should break above the outer edge of the iris while looking straight ahead.  I see many faces with the arch set out too far which gives an almost pixy, or fairy-like appearance.  This also makes the eye length look shorter.  We donít want to permanently look like Tinker Bell, or limit our capacity of expression to only the emotion of surprise.

The end of the brow is marked by placing a ruler (or pencil) from the center of the lip traveling up along the edge of the outer eye.  The center of the lip is a wise standard starting point as nose widths vary greatly.  The ending tip of the eyebrow should be of the same level as the beginning.  A small difference is not noticeable and the contours of skeletal structure and fat pads may warrant a modification.  Tails ending higher than the beginning more than a small amount start looking feline or devilish with a sharp arch or mad with a smooth.  Tails ending more than slightly lower below the beginning look aged or sad.

There are also basic guidelines to help style an eyebrow according to facial shape.  What I have found most easy is to intuit the style design according to visual ques.  For home experimentation, the basic overview for eyebrow style to facial shape metric is this: 1.) An angular face can be balanced by a smooth rounded brow, or a round face can be balanced by an angular brow.  2.) Eye brow lines can guide the eyes in the direction needed to shorten, lengthen, slim or widen a face.  Our view of the face, (what we would recall when asked to describe someone), is typically from the chin to the top of the eyebrows.  A.)Flat eyebrows direct the observerís eyes side to side which would add width to the face.  Lower flatter eyebrows stop the observerís eyes from going higher up in to the forehead, thereby shortening the face.  B.) High, angled eyebrows direct the eyes up and down, thereby lengthening the face.  Defined peaks will draw attention to the eyebrows and away from other features. 

In between the flat, low arch eyebrow and the high, angled eyebrow are dozens of variations which will work well with all the face shapes.  Donít get stressed out.  Have fun and break the rules if they donít apply to you.  You may find something else just works better.  

Finally, there is the issue of fashion.  Eyebrows are particularly vulnerable to cycles of fashionable changes.  Even David O Selznick had Vivian Leighís eyebrows reshaped for her role as Scarlett OíHara in Gone With the Wind because a 1939 eyebrow would be an egregious incongruency to the civil war period eyebrow.   Choosing a design shape that is not only flattering but enduring to fluctuations of vogue styles is a matter one should consider carefully.

For permanent makeup procedures with eyebrows, the eyebrow is first drawn on.  When you are happy with the drawn on design, permanent makeup is applied over it using it as a guide.  You may draw it on yourself, or you may wish to turn that over to me.  You always have final control.  To communicate more accurately what it is you may desire, bring a picture from a magazine with the eyebrow you like.  For clients with alopecia, a picture from childhood to illustrate the original brow shape would be helpful, but is not necessary.  I am most often able to see the territory of absent brow hair and use that as a guide.

I would be happy to schedule a makeup play-date consultation.  We can work together on your desired outcome, or you can entrust the process to me with confidence that I will achieve your goals even if it is simply to enhance your natural beauty without creating a Ďmade upí appearance.  Any desired degree of affect is within your control.  There is no obligation to go permanent and I would suggest that you seek more than one opinion before you make you final decision.  It is possible to correct areas that are not perfect, but invasive procedures are always best when done right and to the clientís satisfaction the first time.

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