The importance of complete brows to our daily lives cannot be overstated. Getting them to look as natural and beautiful as real brow hair is now possible with micro-stroke technique, also known as brow embroidery and micro-blading, among other names. They are High Definition (HD), hair-stroke tattoos that create the illusion of 3D, real brows hairs and each individual hair can be seen from the root to the tip in the final results. My background as an artist both professionally and recreationally is what informs my design ability as well as my eye for color to match your skin tone and hair. The MICROBLADE technique allows me to create thin, fine, defined hair-strokes for clients with a range of brow desires from those with full brows to those with alopecia universals. FEATHER-STROKE and POWDERY SOFT-FILL BROW techniques are also available as options to clients for their preferences and needs.

For your session, before beginning the tattooing procedure, I will design a customized brow that fits your facial bone and muscular structure while paying close attention to your expression patterns as we work together. I start with the left brow and then give you the mirror for us to discuss whether or not that is the look you are trying to achieve. Once you are completely happy with the design I then create the ‘sister’ brow on the right side. Again, you are given the mirror to see the completed design look and we work together in making any adjustments that are needed to achieve perfection and absolute satisfaction.

Topical anesthetics are applied for your comfort prior to and throughout the procedure and only disposable, sterile needles, medical supplies, and hypo-allergenic, high quality pigments are used. The whole procedure will take about 2 hours. There is no down time, but your brows will appear to have a more red or ‘warm’ bias directly after the procedure but will ‘cool’ off as your skin heals over the pigment. As with all tattoos, your brows will become increasingly darker until they exfoliate. Factors that affect color retention include age, medications, aftercare, immune system, use of skin care products, sun and chemical exposure, skin type, and other factors. A follow up will be needed 1-2 months after the initial procedure, and annual touch ups are recommended for maintenance.

***If you have had eyebrow tattoos in the past and still have visible pigment in your skin, please send images to me at to determine whether or not you need to make a consultation to discuss options that may include removal.


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