Have you been seeing jaw dropping images of the new realistic eyebrow tattoos created by a technique called ‘microblading’, or microstroking’?  I’ve been following this trend closely over the last two years and am seeing more and more of it presented in social media groups I belong to.  These realistic, permanent makeup eyebrow tattoos, when done by a skilled technician and artist, are truly incredible to behold.  Much of this is being done out of the country but It is my belief that more and more people will want them here in the US so, I am now adding micro stroke eyebrow permanent makeup to my service menu.

As an artist who understands this medium of micro pigmentation after spending FOUR fabulously busy years in the business, I see a very bright future in the new technique of micro stroke eyebrow permanent makeup.  What needs to be well understood is that these micro strokes are extremely fragile and will need to be touched up on an annual basis or less.  This is not far from the experience I’m having with my tattooed hair stroke clients in the way that I apply, (or implant), the pigment as realistically as possible.  When you consider that you probably spend $700.00 annually on pedicures and manicures however, the price of maintaining one of your most important features, YOUR EYEBROWS, pales in comparison.

Stay tuned as I reveal my first attempts on inanimate practice pads, and soon enough; images of this exciting new technique with my real life clients!

Always remember, you can’t change the world, but you can look beautiful, feel great, and change YOUR world!

Yours truly in balance and beauty,
Ashley of Bellametrics