I will be out of the office and giving my hands a needed rest from July 30th through August 25th.  Currently, I am booking out to the week of October 10th but have appointments open up spontaneously on occasion so feel free to continue on to 'Schedule an Appointment', and if you'd like to see me sooner check my Social Media for availability advertisements.  Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you when I return!



Bellametrics is the artistry and styling ability of Ashley Cohen brought to the field of permanent makeup.


You are here because you want to look you very best and find the most qualified permanent makeup artist to help you do that. What Ashley Cohen of Bellametrics brings to this profession are the eyes and hands of a precision artist. She sees each client as a purely unique canvas and her talent is in adjusting design and color specifically to the individual for natural and beautiful results.

She is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional (CPCP) and a five year member of the SPCP.



Create a very natural, lifelike looking brow with microstroke.


You did a fantastic job, Ashley, and I am so happy with your work and especially appreciate that you took the time and care to make sure the experience was as comfortable and painless as possible. Hmm...I guess ‘stick a needle in my eye’ is not so bad afterall! In fact, it can end up being a rather cool thing. It is wonderful to be on my way to true liberation from that cosmetic liner pencil I always carry. THANK YOU!
— Janine